Graduate Faculty & Research Interests


Faculty Research Interests
James Amegashie Public Choice/Public Economics, Applied Game Theory and Development Economics
Kurt Annen Applied Game Theory, Economic Development, New Institutional Economics, and Foreign Aid
Laurent Cellarier Macroeconomics, Economic Dynamics, Learning and Adaptive Behavior
Zhenzhen Fan Theoretical and empirical asset pricing, financial derivatives, exchange rates, textual analysis in finance
Talat Genc Industrial Organization, Energy and Environmental Economics, and Production and Operations Management
Johanna Goertz Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics and Experimental Economics.
Nikola Gradojevic International Finance, Empirical Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence, High-Frequency Finance, Forecasting, Cryptocurrencies, Technical Trading and Asset Price Volatility, Bubbles and Jumps
Louise Grogan Labour Economics and Applied Microeconomics
Mike Hoy Microeconomics and Welfare Economics
Kris Inwood Economic History and Economics Development
Rene Kirkegaard Auction Theory, Contract Theory, Contest Theory and Microeconomic Theory
Steve Kosempel Macroeconomics, Economic Development and Growth and Business Cycles
Xiaowen Lei Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics and Inequality
Delong Li Corporate Finance, Corporate Bonds, International Finance and Financial Markets
Hong Li Data Analytics, Insurnace Economics, Actuarial Science, Demography and Asset Pricing
Mei Li International Finance, Banking and Financial Stability
Fred Liu Financial Econometrics, Machine Learning, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, and Big Data
Patrick Martin Resource and Environmental Economics and Trade, Development
Alex Maynard Econometrics and Applied Econometrics
Ross McKitrick Environmental and Applied Microeconomics
Miana Plesca Labour Economics and Program Evaluation
Asha Sadanand  Microeconomics, Information Economics and Game Theory 
Thanasis Stengos Econometric Theoretical and Applied, Nonparametric Methods, Empirical Growth and Empirical Environmental
Yiguo Sun Econometrics
Francis Tapon Investment Finance and Portfolio Management including the use of Deep Learning algorithms to pick stocks
Henry Thille Industrial Organization, Natural Resource Economics and Commodity Markets
Ilias Tsiakas Asset Pricing, International Finance, Financial Econometrics and Climate Finance